When you change, you have been mind manipulated and controlled


This is my testimony which references my personal experiences and observations within Northwest Community Church, Orlando, Florida, USA. My testimony is a critical opinion. The website also references knowledge learned through research done outside of the church. I am a former member of Northwest Community Church, Orlando, Florida. Its pastor is Mark Evans.


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Northwest Church Orlando

The church works with the G12 Vision.


The G12 Vision was created by Cesar Castellanos.


Cesar Castellanos is the founder of International Charismatic Mission Church, based in Bogota, Columbia.



My indoctrination into Northwest Community Church involved being covertly mind manipulated and controlled, step by step, for the benefit of a hidden agenda. I was unknowingly led by my former persecutors to submit to the pyramid structure of the authority of men. I was deceived.

The purpose of this website is to bring community awareness to the activities of this church. I managed to break free from this unbiblical system.


FACT # 1   I was gang-stalked in Northwest Community Church, Orlando.


Definition of gang-stalking

This three part article describes the players in the typical ‘game’ of spiritual abuse.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

FACT # 2   The perpetrators of my harassment included the PASTOR of Northwest Church, Orlando.


FACT # 3   Unbeknownst to me during the initial stages of my indoctrination into Northwest Church, I was subjected to covert methods of mind control during my attendance at the church. These methods, including covert hypnosis, were an attempt to reform my patterns of thought. At no time prior to my cult indoctrination, nor during my attendance at the church, was I informed by the church leadership that I was being covertly manipulated.


FACT # 4   Personal information, which I believed I had given in confidence to certain members of the church, was shared with other members of the church. This information was then, initially unbeknownst to me, used to attempt to break me down, and control and change me.


FACT # 5   A primary method of mind control used upon me in the church was covert messages (hypnotic suggestions) said within church sermons and prayer. The intention was to bypass my critical thinking, reach my unconscious mind, break me down, and control and change me.

FACT # 6   Counter-cult groups have record of information concerning the covert activities of Northwest Community Church, Orlando.


FACT # 7   I am aware of other former members of Northwest Church, Orlando whom have been subjected to psychological abuse within this church.




FACT # 9   There are good people in Northwest Church whom do not engage in the unethical abusive methods of behavior described within this website. 



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The Northwest Cult website is a critical opinion of the system within Northwest, Community Church, Orlando, and a critical opinion of the G12 Vision of Christian evangelism.
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